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Discover all the nature the island has to offer you, from mountains overlooking other islands, to pedestrian paths that pass through natural lagoons to the only volcano you can visit in the world. And do not forget our rope bullfights, a centuries-old tradition that is strongly rooted in the culture of this people.

Manta de Retalhos

Well-known skin "Patchwork" the landscape of the Mirador of Serra do Cume, is surely one of the most fantastic points of Terceira Island, if not the most unforgettable. From this high point and in the modern belvedere we have an incredible view of the São Sebastião dairy basin, the popular name of Manta de Retalhos. It comes from the fact that we seem to be seeing a "blanket" torn symmetrically in green and black squares, where the green grass mix with basalt, in a combination of colors and contrasts.

Interior of Terceira Island

Terceira Island, originally christened as the Island of Jesus Christ, was the third island to be discovered by the Portuguese navigators at the end of 1420, which gave it its current name. It is the easternmost island of the five that make up the Central Group of the Azores Archipelago - constituted by Graciosa Island, São Jorge, Pico, Faial and Terceira. According to data from 2011, Terceira Island is the second most inhabited island in the archipelago, with about 57,000 residents. To visit the island we advise you to rent a car to discover this true natural wonder in a more comfortable way

City of Praia da Vitoria

Located on the east coast of Terceira Island, the city of Praia da Vitória owns the largest bay of the Azores, in a scenario of great beauty. Having been one of the first settlements of the Island, began its settlement between 1456 and 1474. Formerly designated only of "Beach", it gained the toponym of Vitoria in 1829 when it resisted to the armed spanish armada with 21 boats, taking the party of the Liberals, even with much less armed forces, paving the way for the Terceira Island to become the main base of the Liberals, against the Absolutists..

Relax and enjoy!

Very close to our Hostel, you will find several facilities at great prices and excellent quality. The Royal Beach Hostel is situated right in the center of Praia da Vitoria, just a few minutes walk from the main street of the city.

A la carte restaurants

A few minutes walk from our Hostel you will find several restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner at great prices. Whether it be fish or meat, you will surely find a restaurant that is to your liking. For example just 1 minute walk away, you will find the restaurant "O Pescador" which is one of the best on the island!
12:00 - 23:00

Feel the nature alive!

The Azores are "Nature in its purest form", and Terceira Island does not escape the rule. Enjoy your stay, to discover the secret guarded in the middle of the atlantic ocean. Check with our reception about the activities we have for you.
09:00 - 22:00

Fitness Centers and Spa Centers

The city also offers several gyms and spa centers very close to the hostel. Inquire with our employees the best way to get there, prices, and what services they offer.
9:00 - 22:00

Bars and Disco Pubs

Right next to our hostel you will find a promenade with the most varied types of bar and pubs, which offer the most different drinks and types of music. All of them with esplanade and open until late.
16+ Open from 11:00 to 4:00 am

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